Product Features

MG Platform Account System

Login SDK of MG has been successfully and stably operated for more than 5 years, accumulating more than 70 million users worldwide. The MG platform account system is permanently available to global developers in the form of third parties. The powerful functions, security and stability allow developers to share the global users with low cost.

Detailed Functions:

  • Seamless landing systems integration of more than 40 of SNS platform worldwide.
  • Global users of MG already have account for logging in
  • Support email or message verification
  • Superior Stability and outstanding data processing capability
  • Support hundreds of millions of accurate message pushes
  • Get access with only lines of code
  • Support visitor log in and save log-in info automatically
  • Supports multilingual interfaces in Chinese, English, German, French, Italian, Russian, etc., and automatically switches languages according to users' IP addresses
  • Support WP, Win10, H5, Android and other platforms
  • Support various programming language including C#, C++, etc.
  • Support multiple engines such as Cocos2d-x and Unity3D

Complete social service system

The MG social engine provides developers with complete game operations and socialization tools. Developers can qrapidly realize the socialization of games, and build a complete social platform in the game. By customizing the in-game player community to maximize player stickiness, it also provides developers with the best channel to understand user needs.

Detailed Functions:

  • Support custom community section, community skin, free reply
  • Friends interaction system, support friends PK, friends invatation, friends follow, private message
  • Support sharing functions of more than 40 SNS platforms around the world with user acquisition from public praise.
  • Push announcement accurately to target players
  • On-line Operation tools of game events allow you to push gifts to players.
  • Provide 7*24 hours in-game customer service tools, allowing developers to truly communicate directly with players
  • Built-in voice communication function allows players to chat without jumping out of the game.

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