MG SDK provides a complete social service system, developers can quickly implement the socialization of games, and help game developers build a complete social platform in the game.

Such as announcements, in gaming gift distribution, honor system, community, personal center, self-service customer service system, etc., which greatly improves the product's ability in many aspects of user viscosity.

Social switch in game


After you access the MG SDK successfully, you are able to use the social function, the social button will be displayed in your game, and then you can hide it through the developer console. If you want users to start contacting the community, you need to keep it on.

You are able to talk anything here


The forum is composed of users and developers, producing the latest game information and high-quality UGC content, attracting players to communicate here and improving the user experience.

Newspaper from user's side


The information will show up on the social interface and the MG app store at the same time, the data will be synchronized. You feel free to edit the information content through the developer console and display it to users.

Record message sent to the user


The message function is an auxiliary function in the community. Developers can send messages to the user group unidirectionally through the console, and the messages will sent to each user's mailbox to ensure the information delivery rate. The message function is more suitable for sending primary information or urgent temporary information.

Aiming to put customers first? You are in good hands!

Customer Service

Provide users with a convenient feedback channel for problems, help developers build a customer service platform, provide a variety of flexible auxiliary functions, and provide fast working methods to create more effective Internet service value for developers.