Consisting of MG Ads and Google AdSense, ads are applicable to any UWP application, fully helping the developer's products to be profitable in their application. MG Ads is the company's own advertising platform, which can adopt CPM, CPC, CPI and other billing methods, is more suitable for UWP applications.

Google Adsense is a platform for general website. MG SDK has integrated the function of Google Adsense to be able to monetize via Adsense for UWP applications.

We are the platform to provide service for developer

SSP platform

MG Ads is an advertisment platform for Microsoft Store Applications, MG Ads could be able to easy for UWP application developers to get their app monetization.

MG Ads will provide the creative advertisment content in the global. We will provide the gorgerious advertisment materials to improve the monetizte performance.

Mediation service——
One more function, one more choice


MG SDK has mediatedGoogle Adsense, Amazon Associate and Baidu Associate, and there is no risk to integrate with UWP application to implement the monetization for developers.

It's easy to use with few code intended


Easy use, High quality advertiser, low delay, high advertisment fill in rate, great monetization, MG SDK is your powerful tool to help you get monetization with your APP.