Company Introduction

Help developers quickly acquire users and quickly achieve monetization on platforms such as Windows 10

We are a national high-tech enterprise dedicated to mobile internet and game social platforms. It was established by a number of former employees of Quyou Technology and Microsoft's Most Valuable technical experts (MVPs) in the world. We have won Guangdong Business Venture Capital, Guangzhou Junhai, etc. Financial institutions have tens of millions of A round of strategic financing.

The Miracle Games open platform focuses on helping UWP developers provide convenient social networking platforms and game publishing services. Miracle Games plays the core role of game publisher and platform service provider in the entire Internet industry chain. It is the product producer of the entire industry chain and occupies the midstream resources of the industry chain.

Miracle Games is social network platform provider of Microsoft Windows 10 in China. As one of Microsoft's ISV partners in the world, it is the only Chinese game operator with an independent brand area in the Microsoft Global App Store.


Until Now

More than 70% of Microsoft App Store developers worldwide choose to cooperate with MG

Games published by MG agents can occupy 20 seats in the top 50 games of Microsoft's official store.

  • 73.35 million
    Global coverage of user devices
  • 3.64 million
    Daily active users
  • 386.56 %
    Annual revenue growth
  • 190
    Countries covered

Successful cooperation in the Win10 market one after another

Numerous products from global developers covering different types of high-quality applications and games

Thunder Battle
Rage of Kings
Gekko Game
Eternal Fury
Clash of Empire
Cooking City

Covering more than 190 countries and regions around the world

One of the leaders in the global channel industry

Our Vision——

Creating a global gaming ecosystem
Building the future of entertainment technology

Our Mission

Empower developers
Connect players
Build a world of fun

Our Values
  • Integrity builds the foundation
  • Customer-centric
  • Innovation at the core
  • Win to win cooperation
  • Continuous growth

7 years

Founded in 2016, we never forget the original intention