At present, the company will provide a large number of positions in three cities of Beijing, Qingdao and Nanyang. If you are interested, please send your resume to:

Game operation manager

Address: Beijing/Qingdao/Nanyang Number of recruits: 2
Job Responsibilities

1. Responsible for the formulation, implementation and follow-up of game project plans in overseas markets, and matters related to game launch and operation;

2. Modify and optimize game products, monitor the game-related data of the project team, and ensure the normal operation of the game;

3. Planning and execution of online and offline game activities, evaluation and analysis of activity effects;

4. Various data collation and analysis, project cost optimization control;

5. Regularly collect and organize user data;

6. Guide users to participate in various recharge activities or recharge plans;

7. Assist in the daily operation of the management operation team;

8. Responsible for general document data processing and translation;

9. Community management and event planning;

10. Understand and analyze players' situation and game online situation in a timely manner, and give feedback to the R&D team;

11. Other matters assigned by the supervisor.

Job requirements

1. Bachelor degree or above, have an in-depth understanding of games, and understand the latest developments in the overseas game market;

2. More than two years of experience in game publishing and operation in overseas markets, proficient in product tuning, version update, event planning and other operational processes;

4. High execution ability, high engagement, can maintain a good working condition under great pressure;

5. Sensitive to data, with strong data analysis ability;

6. Strong team spirit, good conduct, strong sense of responsibility, rigorous and practical work style;

7. Able to express and communicate efficiently, strong adaptability and coordinating skills; Able to work independently and good at thinking, problem solving, project planning and concept executing;

8. Passionate about the game industry, serious hard-core game players, able to adapt to the high-intensity work in the game industry;

9. Understand the release methods of google play and app store; be familiar with user attributes and gameplay of pc channels such as steam and epic;

10. Familiar with the operation, rich experience of management skills of community websites and in game communities is preferred;

11. Basic ability in video editing, Photoshop and PowerPoint is preferred.

Product Operation Specialist

Address: Qingdao/Nanyang Recruitment: 2
Job Responsibilities

1. Participate in the formulation of game operation strategies, and be responsible for implementation and analysis, and submit adjustment suggestions;

2. Participate in the experience of the game, plan and organize player activities, and be responsible for the effect of the activities;

3. Responsible for data analysis of product operation period and market conditions, make various reports, and submit improvement suggestions;

4. Monitor the running status of the game, maintain the normal order of the game world, and answer players' questions;

5. Give feedback on work or product problems and make suggestions for improvement;

6. Responsible for the daily operation of the game.

Job requirements

1. Love online games, familiar with various types of mobile games, and willing to devote themselves to the game industry for a long time;

2. Have a strong sense of responsibility and efficient execution;

3. Strong logical thinking ability, good data analysis habits and ability;

4. Teamwork spirit, willing to share and accept, strong character;

5. Professionalism, strong sense of competition, willing to grow together with the company through hard work;

6. Those who have interest and dreams in games and are willing to work hard for them are preferred.

Community Operation Specialist

Address: Qingdao/Nanyang Recruitment: 1
Job Responsibilities

1. Review and packaging of community-related work and activities;

2. Make publicity plasn for news pushing of the community platform;

3. Editing and writing relevant content;

4. Plan product operation activities to enhance the activity of the community;

5. Text packaging for some promotional content.

Job requirements

1. Understand related literature work in the game industry, and be familiar with the work experience in the game industry;

2. Bachelor degree or above in journalism, media, Chinese, advertising and other related majors;

3. Fluent writing, clear thinking, strong writing skills and language expressiveness;

4. Have strong creativity and execution, and be able to quickly formulate product publicity plans and promotion plans;

5. Work seriously, strong sense of responsibility, able to adapt work pressure.

User Operation Specialist

Address: Qingdao/Nanyang Recruitment: 1
Job Responsibilities

1. Responsible for assisting leaders in user game behavior guidance and loyalty building;

2. Responsible for the planning of in-game event plans, cooperation contracts and other literature, PPT writing;

3. Responsible for the preparation of specific plans for game user development and promotion;

4. Responsible for the organization and marketing of game activities;

5. Responsible for coordinating and communicating with artists and technology to complete the implementation of modifications and adjustments related to in-game activities.

Job requirements

1. College degree or above, majors are not limited, the educational requirements can be relaxed for those with excellent conditions;

2. Have a certain understanding of the game industry, wireless Internet, and wireless value-added industries, familiar with mobile online games, and experience in mobile online game operation is preferred;

3. Have good writing skills, and be able to independently complete the writing of marketing activities planning programs and other copywriting;

4. Those with experience in the mobile game industry and certain resources in the industry are preferred;

5. can work seriously and responsiblely, flexible mind, full of professionalism, team consciousness, willing to accept challenging work, passionate in work, strong sense of responsibility, and able to withstand greater work pressure.

Marketing Specialist

Address: Qingdao/Nanyang Recruitment: 1
Job Responsibilities

1. Responsible for managing Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, Twitter and other foreign mainstream social platform accounts, maintain and update fan pages and user group content daily, reply to fans messages or instant chat information, and regularly screen high-quality fans to maintain relationships;

2. Responsible for managing and enhancing the brand awareness and brand image of the company's official social media accounts, introducing the company's products and services to global developers, and assisting with the business team to expand global developers;

3. Assist in developing and maintaining overseas media relations, be good at communicating and excavating communication highlights, and ensure the effective implementation of communication actions;

4. Assist in the formulation and implementation of user marketing strategies, such as the expansion of European and American Internet celebrities, KOLs, media platforms, and content Freelancer;

5. Pay attention to the development of overseas emerging markets and analysis of competing products, provide market data tracking reports in a timely manner, provide data support for promotion and adjustment, and participate in translation support related to product localization.

Job requirements

1. Bachelor degree or above, CET-4 or above, majors in journalism, marketing, Western language and literature, etc., with experience in overseas new media operation is preferred;

2. Those who are keen on games or want to work in the game industry, love and understand European and American pop culture, have a background in studying in Europe and the United States or a second foreign language (Spanish/Portuguese/French/German/Russian) is preferred;

3. Good at using social media software, photo editing and video software;

4. Sensitive to data, good at using various data analysis software, able to find problems and solutions from data;

5. Be creative, with good English writing, text rendering and communication skills;

6. Strong executive ability, able to efficiently arrange work plans, and be able to bear certain work pressure;

7. Strong learning ability, strong independent thinking, analysis and summary ability.

Game Promotional Video Production

Address: Qingdao/Nanyang Recruitment: 1
Job Responsibilities

1. Responsible for the design and production of video or animation promotional materials for the company's products;

2. Responsible for the production and optimization of video advertising materials used in overseas promotion of the company's products;

3. Familiar with the advertising video production requirements of overseas social media such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, etc., the video produced can get better advertising effect;

4. Independently complete creative scripts and literature, and conduct video production, editing and post-packaging;

5. On the basis of in-depth analysis of products and competing products, optimize video creativity and effects to improve video click-through rate and conversion rate;

6. Focus on collecting different materials from various media in the game industry, accumulate your own material library, and organize and collect the required materials.

Job requirements

1. Bachelor degree or above in visual communication or film and television animation and other related majors;

2. Proficient in Adobe AE, Adobe Premiere, Edius, Maya and other mainstream video editing and 3D production tools;

3. More than 3 years of game advertising video production experience, rich experience in advertising video production and leading projects is preferred;

4. Familiar with and love mobile games and other types of games with multiple themes, and have a systematic understanding of game art, animation and other fields;

5. Have the ability to think independently, strong creative thinking, good communication skills, executive ability and teamwork ability.

Java development engineer

Address: Qingdao/Nanyang Recruitment: 1
Job Responsibilities

1. Responsible for the program design and code writing of the company's software, undertake development tasks according to the specific requirements of the product, and complete the task goals as planned;

2. Participate in system demand research, demand analysis, and preparation of relevant technical solutions and product documents;

3. Improve and modify software functions, performance, and maintenance of existing software products;

4. Assist in the installation and debugging of related application software;

5. Responsible for the support, operation and maintenance of other systems of the company;

6. Responsible for the maintenance of the company's daily office environment.

Job requirements

1. College degree or above in computer or related majors;

2. More than 2 years of BS architecture development experience; familiar with J2EE technology platform and mainstream frameworks, familiar with Struts, Hibernate, Spring; familiar with java, Html, css, Javascript, familiar with jQuery, Ext and other frameworks;

3. Have Android development experience and be familiar with the Android program release process;

4. Familiar with MySql database, proficient in SQL statements; have a certain Linux foundation, and can operate commands easily;

5. Proficient in using Eclipse, MyEclipse and other development tools, familiar with tomcat server;

6. Have strong independent analysis, judgment and problem-solving skills;

7. Have good coding habits, quality awareness and document writing ability;

8. Have good communication skills and teamwork spirit; work hard and actively, and be able to work under pressure;

9. Experience in C++/C#/Unity/Cocos/Uwp development is preferred.

Unity development engineer

Address: Qingdao/Nanyang Recruitment: 1
Job Responsibilities

1. Responsible for assisting developers in porting the UWP version from Unity/Cocos;

2. Responsible for the development of the company's self-developed Unity games;

3. Responsible for the development and adaptation of the Unity engine game SDK;

4. Responsible for other tasks assigned by the leader.

Job requirements

1. Proficient in Unity game engine, familiar with SDK access mode and development environment;

2. Experience in UWP/iOS/Android platform game development, familiar with the use of iOS/Android/UWP development tools and related development and testing tools, and proficient in C#/C++ programming language;

3. Familiar with the characteristics of Unity conversion to UWP, model adaptation, UI layout optimization, etc.;

4. Have good teamwork spirit;

5. Enthusiastic about technical research, practical and sincere work, conscientious and responsible, and have good pressure resistance;

6. Those who have experience in the production of iOS/Android/UWP games are preferred.

Windows 10 UWP development engineer (part-time option)

Address: Beijing/Qingdao/Nanyang Number of recruits: 2
Job Responsibilities

1. Responsible for the development of the company's self-developed UWP applications;

2. Responsible for the research and development of the company's UWP SDK;

3. Responsible for assisting developers in porting the UWP version from Unity/Cocos/H5.

Job requirements

1. 1 year or more experience in .Net/C# development, familiar with C# and XAML languages, those with successful case works are preferred;

2. Proficient in UWP/WPF/WinForms related technologies;

3. Familiar with Windows 10 UWP related development technologies, familiar with HTTP, JSON and other interface technologies;

4. Have standardized programming style and good documentation habits, have good communication and collaboration skills;

5. Part-time jobs are acceptable for the above positions, and UWP developers on the Microsoft official store are welcome to join.

Senior Business Development Manager (Developer Development and Relationship Maintenance)

Address: Beijing/Qingdao/Nanyang Number of recruits: 2
Job Responsibilities

1. Responsible for the development of domestic and overseas application and game developers, maintain the relationship between existing cooperative developers, enrich the content and form of the MG open platform and MG Store, and be responsible for the cooperation content, activity quality and income results;

2. According to the needs of MG open platform and MG Store, expand partners, lead and promote cooperation between stores and external parties, and be responsible for the progress of project expansion and cooperation efficiency;

3. In-depth understanding of application monetization and user growth, and effectively expand high-quality application developers;

4. Conduct mining and analysis on high-quality applications and games, and formulate effective product expansion plans;

5. Integrate external high-quality resources, actively explore solutions to enhance store user activity and application downloads, and plan and promote the implementation of projects.

Job requirements

1. Bachelor degree or above, English is required as the working language, and 1-3 years of business experience in the mobile Internet industry;

2. Candidates with APP developer resources are preferred, work experience related to user growth and APP monetization is preferred, and experience in channels or open platforms is preferred;

3. Have a strong sense of business cooperation and be able to independently develop business cooperation projects;

4. Have certain Internet product logic and strong data sensitivity;

5. Have strong resource integration, project promotion ability, keen market insight ability, good business planning ability, communication ability, teamwork ability;

6. New graduates with excellent conditions are also welcome.