Professional traffic monetization platform

Traffic monetization

MG Ads focuses on the Windows 10 platform, provides global creative advertising content, and brings top-level creative materials to your applications to obtain more competitive monetization income.

Comprehensive advertising

With 100% ad fill rate and a variety of ad formats, MG Ads supports a comprehensive range of ad formats, including image ads, video ads, banner ads, etc., as well as unique "pop-up" ads in MG ads System.

SDK access

Simple access, rich advertising resources, low latency, high fill rate and high benefit, MG SDK is your powerful monetization tool

Intelligent visual settlement

MG ADS provides developers to settlement platform, developers can accurately understand the income details, and easily withdraw cash at the beginning of each month; meanwhile, the settlement platform can also filter high-quality advertisements through the visual reporting system to maximize the income of your products .

Mediation service

MG SDK integrated Google Adsense, Amazon affiliate advertising, Baidu affiliate advertising, etc., making it compatible with UWP applications, without any risk to obtain rich traffic monetization benefits.