About Game Industry Globalization

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GWGC(Global Windows Game Conference), which was built by Miracle Games(MG) in 2014, wants to launch a project that is "Establishing Entertainment Industrial Parks in popular cities in China" and will be launched in the near future.

Unfortunately, we have not seen an industrial agglomeration in gaming field yet and the operational cost is quite high. These are the main reason that MG wants to launch such project to effectively promote the businesses in the industry. It is obvious that massive entities in the specific industry achieved their success in China, such as UBISOFT and Bluehole Studio (PUBG). Bluehole Studio is even expanding their business from Suzhou to Shanghai, which reflects importance and necessity of the project.

At this stage, China is one of the main markets and accounts great part in the world. Since the beginning of the Internet era, China's game market has shown its strong and huge market acceptance ability. In 2020, the actual sales revenue of China's game market was 42.875 billion dollars, an increase of 7.36 billion dollars compared with 2019, with a year on year growth of 20.71%, maintaining rapid growth. The number of game users in China has maintained steady growth, reaching 665 million users, up 3.7 percent year on year. These figures show the depth and expectation of the Chinese market's thirst for game contents.

Parties who participate in the project will obtain huge amount of business opportunities when the project has set up both from inside and outside of the circle. China has thousands of enterprises who are playing important roles in the specific industry.

In addition, parties will also be highly supported by local government with massive great and attractive policies and welfare. However, this will definitely need your real ideas and requirements to improve them better.

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