Data Analysis

Provide global developers with a professional statistical analysis platform, powerful visual data exploration and interactive reporting tools, which can help developers convert in-app data into visual graphics, find problems more efficiently and intuitively, and help business growth.
Windows 10 Global marketing Analysis

Windows 10 Marketing Data

Windows 10 behavior analysis of global users

Global user analysis

Calculate and analyze data from all countries in the World, Fast to find out the target user for the application. help developers to discover marketings in different countries.
Windows 10 user profile in the global

Global user profile

Provide complete user attributes and features, understand user basic attributes and behavior preferences, effectively filter out high-quality users, and increase product revenue.
Real time data calculation

Real time data tracking

Track all data in the application, such as registeration, activity, payment, support for real time data, calculate and analyze based on countries, areas, and time.
Ranking track in store

Microsoft Store Ranking track

Microsoft Store Rank Tracking, master the store ranking dynamics, covering different types of list ranking tracking, such as popular free games, popular new products, etc.