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MG App Store is committed to building a global universal application sharing platform for Win10, representing a new generation of the most cutting-edge, most effective, safest and most stable UWP core user community. At the same time, it supports the interworking of APP accounts between Win10 PC and mobile applications, truly realizing multi-terminal and cross-platform, and providing users with the best service experience.

We are an absolutely diversity platform to work with all kinds of App

We have a wide variety of games, both popular and niche games

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Thunder Battle

  • Action
  • Adventure
  • RPG

Rage of Kings

  • Action
  • Adventure
  • RTS

Dragon Awaken

  • Action
  • Adventure
  • Competetion

Clash of Empire

  • Adventure
  • RPG
  • Strategy

Cooking City

  • Leisure
  • Puzzle
  • RPG

Every Game Is Wonderful Here

Distribution is our original goal, community is our starting point

We Have What You Want

We are committed to continuously bringing new updates and new features to the MG App Store

Free for the first release version

Completely open platform, without any threshold for inclusion, community functions are completely free

The Platform Concurrency

Independent currency system, as long as the product uses MG payment, users can directly use the platform currency for consumption

Detail Page

The detail page determines the user's first impression for your product


We will keep the situation that being objective, fair, sincere, and daring to accept deficiencies to win the recognition of users and make the product to be better promoted

Release in different clients of devices

Support Downloading in different Platform

Exclusive cooperation

We will provide more promotion resources and operator support on and off the site If the product obtains the opportunity of exclusive cooperation with MG


Each product can create an unique forum area, where you will get more interaction with other users

Excellent Acitvity

provide fantastic activity content to players around the world


Newsstand for users

Hornor Ranking

Help the product achieve the user's pursuit of self-honor and the competition of honor and disgrace among users

Gift Center

Each product is able to create a self-service gift distribution center

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