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At present, Beijing Headquarters,Nanyang Wholly-owned Subsidiary and Qingdao Wholly-owned Subsidiary are recruiting operation and R&D technicians. Welcome to join us!
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Overseas/Domestic Business Manager


1. Responsible for communication and negotiation related to the company's domestic and overseas cooperation;

2. Responsible for market expanding, communicating with operators on business cooperation and maintaining long-term relationships.

3. Compare and analyze the cooperation plans of multiple channels to confirm the optimal cooperation plan.

4. Monitor the profitability of the company's cooperative products.

5. Responsible for the execution of commercial contracts and for the supervision of projects in the later period.


1. At least 2 years of working experience in relevant positions with good interpersonal skills.

2. Should be open minded, creative, practical, capable and with good personality.

3. Should have a strong sense of logic and also sense of duty. Good at teamwork.

4. Proficiency in frequently-used office software.

Overseas Game Operator


1. Mainly responsible for operating overseas games of mobile, web or cross-terminal.

2. Participate in game operation plans

3. Coordinate with other departments of the company to ensure the implementation of operation plans.

4. Plan and adjust subsequent operational strategies by collecting, collating, and analyzing data;

5. Understand user feedback from various sources to drive continuous improvement of products.

6. Monitor data, track and analyze the status projects.


1. Have an in-depth understanding of game product operations. At least one year of operating experience for mobile, web, or cross-terminal games. Better with working experiences for large game company.

2. Experienced in product operation at least on one of the platform of Facebook, App Store, or Google Play.

3. Good at project summary, event analysis, and game version analysis.

4. Understand user needs, follow up user feedback, find product defects, communicate with relevant departments, and adjust operation strategies accordingly.

5. Familiar with marketing models and PR operation mode

6. Control project operation progress, develop operational plans and activities.

7. Love games. Have a strong interest in game industry. Experienced in playing games.

8. Strong communication skills. Good at teamwork. Ability in dealing with pressure.

9. Be good at using various internet resources. Skilled in using all kinds of office software. College degree or above. Skilled in English language(Passed CET6 test at least).

English Service


1. Provide professional and high-quality online services for players

2. Collect and resolve complaints and suggestions from players quickly and efficiently.

3. Manage the community of games (FB fan pages, post bars, forums, and groups). Establish and maintain a good image of customer service. Increase the popularity of the community. Enhance community interaction.

4. Monitor game status. Maintain the order of games.

5. Timely feedback and assistance in handling abnormal situations of games. Keep good contact with players.

6. Give feedback on work or product issues and give recommendations for improvement.

7. Provide daily services to customers, handle daily problems, and improve quality of service.

8. Understand the needs of users, and provide players with thoughtful service.


1. Excellent service awareness.

2. Work with patience, care, responsibility.

3. Excellent expression skills in English.

4. Love gaming. Better with experience of online customer service or working for game industry.

5. Passed CET4 test

Career direction: Senior customer service, service team management, translator, tester, overseas game operator, operation manager.

Minority Language Translation

1. Responsible for the translation of the corresponding language
2. Responsible for testing and modifying the product language issues.
3. Answer the inquiry content of daily foreign language email.

Long-term recruitment of excellent small language translators: Japanese, Korean, French, German, Spanish, Italian, Portuguese, Arabic, Thai, Russian, Indonesian, Malay, Vietnamese, Mongolian, Tibetan, Burmese, Small language translations in Turkish, Hebrew, Swedish, Danish, Norwegian, Finnish, Czech, Polish, Hungarian, Greek, etc.

1. Education background - bachelor degree, interns accepted.
2. Professional - Foreign language major is preferred, but not a must.
3. Experience - Translation experience is preferred, but not a must.
4. Certificate - Language level certificate is preferred.
5. Patience, care, responsibility, and good communication skills.

Overseas Promotion

1. Develop and implement marketing plans based on the characteristics of games, including AD placement, data analysis, media construction and optimization.
2. Regularly analyze the media environment of overseas markets and find more distribution channels.
3. Edit copywriting, maintain social media platforms and promotion platforms, and implement specific promotional activities.
4. Analyze the advertising data and adjust the delivery plan based on the performance of data.

1. Professionals in advertising, media, and marketing are preferred, college degree or above, English passed CET6 test. Knowing about overseas.
2. Good language skills, copywriting skills, and high learning capability
3. Strong ability to execute tasks with teamwork spirit.
4. Be sensitive to data and have good data analysis skills.
5. Target-oriented, with excellent communication skills and strong sense of innovation.

Overseas Marketing

1. Responsible for the optimization of the game APPs promotion.
2. Responsible for expanding new cooperation channels, maintaining relationships with partners, and obtaining quality promotion resources.
3. Responsible for data monitoring, analyzing and summarizing, and improving marketing strategies accordingly.
4. Complete other work that given by your leader.

1. College degree or above. English major is preferred;
2. Love games and have relevant knowledge for ASO of Appstore/Google Play.
3. At least one year of working experience in Internet marketing.
4. Ability in data analysis and innovation required. Good at solving problems in creative way.
5. Excellent communication skills, good at summarizing, analyzing and Optimizing workflow.
6. Able to work with responsibility, patience, enthusiasm, logic, teamwork spirit. Can communicate well with tech team.

Graphic Designer

1. Responsible for the graphic design of game products for the official apps store, advertising platform, and media purpose.
2. Graphic design for pictures, posters, roll-ups, brochures, etc. that required for the promotion of the company activities.
3. Responsible for the design of daily promotional materials for operation department(official website, special topics, etc.)
4. Responsible for the optimization of the company's business-related documents, such as PPT or others.
5. Assist in dealing with other art design related work.

1. More than one year of working experience in game industry is preferred
2. College degree or above, art major is preferred
3. Familiar with the design style of online game or entertainment propaganda. Have work experience in online game companies, or experience in graphic design is preferred.
4. Good graphic design ability. Be innovative and have a good understanding of demands.
5. Proficient in photoshop/illustrator and other design tools. Good understanding of image rendering and visual effects.
6. Good communication skills, good team spirit and a high sense of responsibility. Able to withstand pressure. Innovative.

C#, .NET Engineer

1. Responsible for the development of software such as SDK products, software architecture, and coding.
2. Responsible for the formulation of work specifications for software R&D and the writing of technical documents;
3. Participate in the design, implementation and optimization of the company's overall technical architecture
4. Responsible for the technical support of the company's SDK access.

1. Work experience for 3 years or more, familiar with platform, C# language, C++ language. Have a deep understanding of object-oriented programming. Experienced in system architecture design and teamwork programming for large and medium-sized projects.
2. Familiar with the .net platform: Familiar with wpf/winform/silverlight interface programming (complex interface programming direction). Familiar with (enterprise application programming direction). Familiar with Visual Studio and can develop functional SDKs of payment, login, community, etc. independently.

Unity Engineer

1. Responsible for assisting game developers to switch games into UWP version.
2. Responsible for game development.
3. Responsible for developing and adapting the Unity engine. Develop SDK for games;
4. Other work arranged by the team leader.

1. Proficient in the Unity game engine. Familiar with SDK access mode and development environment.
2. Experienced in WP/UWP/iOS/Android game development. Familiar with the use of iOS/Android/WP/UWP development tools and related test tools. Proficient in C#/C++ programming language.
3. Familiar with Unity conversion WP/UWP features, model adaptation, UI layout optimization, etc.
4. Familiar with the use of XCode, Visual Studio and other related tools
5. Team spirit required
6. Passionate about technical work, be honest, responsible, and have good resistance to pressure.
7. Experienced in releasing iOS/Android/WP/UWP games is preferred.


1. Responsible for cash collection and payment, ensuring the correctness and legitimacy of cash receipts and payments
2. Before the end of each working day, check the cash in time and check with relevant statements and vouchers, fill out the “Daily Cash Report”.
3. Strictly comply with the company's rules of cash management and settlement. According to the company's prescribed expenses reimbursement and payment procedures, process cash and bank settlement. Expenses items must be reviewed and signed by the company leaders before they can be processed.
4. According to the needs of financial account processing, transfer the in-house documents to the accounting preparation accounting vouchers, and cooperate with the accounting personnel to do the monthly tax return and salary distribution, in a timely and accurate manner.
5. Responsible for the daily settlement of the bank account. Prepare the bank deposit journal. Make the monthly settlement, and check the balance of the deposit with the bank at the end of each month.
6. Clean up the accounts in a timely manner and urge the borrowers to make timely accounts. Eliminate personal long-term arrears;
7. Keep cash, all kinds of seals, all kinds of bills safe. The use of seals and bills requires strict management and can only be used after registration.
8. Keep cash, all kinds of seals, all kinds of bills. Keep good management of seals and bills, and can only use them after registration.
9. Responsible for compiling the monthly capital budget, clearing the funding channels, planned use of funds, and giving an early warning of funds.
10. Receive accounts in a timely manner according to business agreements and contracts, and report receipts to the leaders on a regular basis.
11. Prepare various fund flow statements and other matters based on the needs of the leadership.

Education and training: college degree or above in accounting
Work experience: More than 3 years of experiences in cashier position.
Competence and Qualities: Have basic communication skills, coordination skills, problem-solving skills. Be patient, meticulous, rigorous and steady for work and also with strong sense of confidentiality. Stick to principles.
Skills requirement: Assistant Accountant Qualification Certificate required. Familiar with OFFICE software, especially with EXCEL. Skilled in using common financial software.