July 28


GWGC Global Leaders Summit & MG Global Partner Appreciation Yacht Club hosted

  • The 17th of March   JOYFIELD ENTERTAINMENT LTD established
  • May   Millions of joint strategic A-round investment from Guangdong Merchant Venture Capital and Guangzhou Jun Hai
  • The 2nd of June  "Opportunity · At Your Fingertips" GWGC Beijing Summit successfully held

August 18


Invited to participate in the International Cooperation and Research Symposium of the Animation and Game Industry of the Ministry of Culture

  • The 7th of June   MIRACLE GAMES INC (North America Branch) established
  • The 15th of June   Selected into the Microsoft BizSpark venture business growth program

August 25


Invited to participate in the FY17 Microsoft China Partner Conference

  • The 19th of August   Became the first batch of certified Microsoft HoloLens APP developers in China
  • The 23rd of August Jointly released the "Win10 Industry Data Report for the First Half of 2016" with the Game Committee.
  • The 12th of September   Become one of Microsoft's top ISV partners

December 15


The founder of MG won the "Golden Phoenix Award" of top 10 new leading talents of Chinese game industry.

  • The 18th of September   Won the "Golden Wing Award" of the most influential game distribution platform of the year
  • The 1st of November Become a member of the Beijing Animation Game Industry Association

October 19


MG invited supermodel Liu Naga to endorse "Bad Man 2" for global public beta

  • The 13th of April  MIRACLE ENTERTAINMENT TECHNOLOGY CO., LTD.(Nanyang branch) was established.
  • The 13th of May Zhongguancun E-Valley and GWGC jointly build a software demonstration base in Nanyang High-tech Industrial Zone
  • The 12th of July Selected into the Microsoft ID@Xbox Developer Membership Program
  • The 5th of September MIRACLE GAMES LIMITED (Hong Kong Branch) established

May 12


GWGC (Nanyang) Developer Event Day was successfully held

  • The 1st of March MG self-developed game "Chaos Shooting" and "Fruit Unbearable" applied successfully for the national software copyright.
  • The 13th of April Win10 version of "Army of One Ride 2", which was issued and published by MG, was recommended by Microsoft's official store.

May 19


The founder of MG has been invited for two consecutive sessions as a judge of Microsoft ID@Xbox Dream Campus Finals

  • The 13th of June Selected into the Microsoft Cloud and Mobile Technology Incubation Program
  • The 5th of July, 2018 ,<Rage of kings>and other five products entered the top 15 of Microsoft store in the U.S territory

Augest 4


The GWGC Global Leaders Summit and the 3rd "Zall Award" Awards Ceremony were successfully held

  • The 4th of August MG published "Windows 10 Global Game Industry 2018 White Paper"
  • The 19th of October MIRACLE GAMES set up an branch office in Brazil to accelerate the Latin American market layout

March 9


As an enterprise representative of Nanyang national high tech Zone, MG was interviewed by CCTV International channel program <Across China>

  • The 6th of August QINGDAO MIRACLE INTERACTIVE TECHNOLOGY CO., LTD(Qingdao branch)was established.
  • The 9th of November The CEO of MG was invited to participate in the 6th Youth Innovation and entrepreneurship final in Jiangxi
  • The 2nd of December, Beijing Miracle Games Interactive Co., Ltd. was recognized as a national high-tech enterprise



MG official APP Store was revised, and the number of participants in the gratitude feedback activity of global players exceeded 100,000.

  • The 2nd of June, MG released the <White paper of Windows 10 global game industry in 2020>