Full-featured SDK Service

Full-featured and inclusive, we can achieve both, whatever individual development or team battle

Universal Programmatic Advertisment Platform

APP Monetization + Advertisment Target, we are doing professional

APP Growth Easiliy

Discover and engage previously unreachable high-quality audiences. Work with our creative experts to make your app get more attention

Anti-cheating used intelligent filtering and blocking + manual analysis to ensure that advertising costs are accurately

Relying on big data analysis and intelligent technology to help developers discover the global market

Advertising strategy and providing data reference for advertiser to implement product optimization

We can implement 100% fill in rate, high revenue and great ad performance, meanwhile, we provide multiple ad formats to advertisers

Game Distribution, R&D Company Distribution or Personal Distribution

Professional distribution? no problem!

Exclusive Agent

Provide mature agency publishing cooperation for global developers. Our agency area covers the global market. We would like to invite all game developers to join us
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  • Operation Team

    Provide a mature operation team to help developers achieve commercial operation
    • Professional operation team
    • Efficient customer service team
  • SDK Support

    Provide various functions such as login, payment,advertising,data,etc.
    • Account and payment integration
  • Version Migration

    Supports migrations of different development engines such as Unity, Html5, Cocos, Unreal, etc.
    • migrate UWPUWP
  • Technical Team

    we have a professional technical team to assist you with problems in migration and SDK docking
    • UWP technical support
  • Traffic Purchase

    We have a professional marketing team to acquire traffic to ensure that users in the server have a good ecological environment
  • Promotional Material

    Provide professional art material design team with efficient material produce
    • Professional material guidance

App Store Professional Distribution Platform

3000+ games, 4 million+ players are together

Free Collection

we will provide more promotion resources and operator support on and off the site If the product obtains the opportunity of exclusive cooperation with MG


Each product can create an unique forum area, where you will get more interaction with other users

Multi-end Distribution Support

Support official download of different clients, including official APK, Microsoft Store, Google Play, App Store, Html5, etc.

Top Recommendation

Home picture, the free recommendation for new games, natural ranking, and many other recommended positions will be provided to collect more exposure for products for free


We will keep the situation that being objective, fair, sincere, and daring to accept deficiencies to win the recognition of users and make the product to be better promoted.

Exclusive Cooperation

We will provide more promotion resources and operator support on and off the site If the product obtains the opportunity of exclusive cooperation with MG

Gift Code

Self-service gift package distribution center, the weight of the gift package determines whether users can be attracted

GWGC Global Windows Developer League

GWGC work with above 28000 developers all over the World

GWGC (Global Windows Game Conference) Global Windows Developers Alliance is a branch of the Animation and Game Internationalization Working Committee.

Its core values ​​include interactive communication, sharing and learning, resource integration, and industry incubation.

At present, GWGC covers more than 28,000 developers from all over the world.

A Good Reputation Makes Us Never Forget Our Original Intention

Michele Lichinchi
Core Executives of Myappfree

Michele Lichinchi is the core market executive of Myappfree, a well-known Italian channel. It focuses on the global and multi-platform distribution of Windows10 products and is one of the important partners of MG Microsoft Channel Alliance.

Alain Delcourt
CEO of BoaCompra by PagSeguro

As a local payment company in Brazil, BoaCompra by Pagseguro focuses on providing international merchants and partners with local payment methods in Latin America. We are honored to serve as a local partner of Miracle Games for many years in Latin America to better serve more local players with them.

Focus On Providing Business Ecosystem Solution

Let's Start, We Are Always Provide Support

Business Coorperation

Game Industry Globalization