What is the relationship between MG and Microsoft?
Our story with Microsoft is about to begin——
About MG and Microsoft
October 29th_
Microsoft Officially Releases Windows Phone 8 System
September 2nd_
Microsoft announced its acquisition of Nokia's device and service sector for 5.44 billion EUR,
And the acquisition of Nokia's patent portfolio
June 24th_
Microsoft Launches WP8.1 System
We began to enter the Microsoft Store ecosystem,
From then on, we formed ties with Microsoft
October 20th_
We initiated and established the Global Windows Game Conference (GWGC),
With the support of Microsoft,
We always believe that,
A healthy platform ecology must adhere to an open attitude
2014 - 2015
We work together with
ELEX "Red Alert"
LONGTU GAME "Soul Hunters"
Snail game "Tai Chi Panda"
Game Reign Network "Siegelord"
Netease "Dark Blade" to release them into Microsoft Store
We won numerous awards that year,
We used to think that we had reached the peak
July 29th_
With Microsoft's new CEO Satya Nadella
Start transformation under the guidance of the strategy of "mobile first, cloud first"——
Microsoft Officially Releases Windows 10 Operating System
We announced that we will make every effort to study in the Windows 10 ecosystem, and begin to transform from WP to Win10,
And this is just the beginning of everything
May 1st_
We have released MG SDK version 1.0 that supports Windows 10 systems,
Including initialization, user login, payment interface, etc,
Provide a one-stop solution for Microsoft Store developers free permanently in the form of a third party
June 2nd_
We successfully hosted the Global Windows Game Conference (GWGC) Beijing Summit,
Microsoft technical experts attend the summit and make wonderful speeches
2016 June 7th_
We have established a North American branch and signed a PR agreement with Microsoft
June 15th_
On this day,
We join the Microsoft BizSpark Startup Growth Program,
On that day, we added 360000 Windows devices
August 19th_
We officially became one of the first domestic Microsoft HoloLens application developers
August 25th_
We were invited to the FY17 Microsoft China Partner Conference
2016 September 23th_
With the help of Microsoft Developer Experience and Platform Cooperation Business Unit,
MG SDK successfully integrates Microsoft Bing Translation,PowerBI,Microsoft Cognitive Services,AI and other solutions
October 11th_
Microsoft Technology Pioneer Program was released,
We helped Microsoft successfully promote the Project Centennial project,
Designed to help developers convert Win32 programs into
UWP apps for Microsoft App Store
January 10th_
We released the first anime game, Steel Girl
It is officially recommended by Microsoft,
Successfully topped the free list of Microsoft Store
2017 June 6th_
As one of the important partners of Microsoft ISV,
In the case study, Microsoft introduced:
Azure helps MG SDK become the most distinctive game distribution and promotion platform
2017 October 19th_
One of our most important products of the year, "Injustice Samurai 2" officially released on Microsoft Store
"Rage of Kings"has won the top 10 of the list of 22 countries in the Microsoft Store, and our global promotion ability in the Microsoft Store has been verified again
Microsoft has more than 600 million Win10 devices worldwide
April 12th_
Hard core action game Three Kingdoms
3D strategy game "Ikkitousen"
were officially recommended by Microsoft
at the same time.
2018 July 5th_
The top 15 games in Microsoft Store America,
Our products occupy 5 seats,
Our global user volume has achieved breakthrough variable growth
August 4th_
The GWGC Global Leaders Summit and the Third "Zhuo Er Prize" Award Ceremony were successfully held,
Authoritative release of Windows 10 Global Game Industry Annual White Paper
August 15th_
We were successfully selected for the Microsoft Cloud and Mobile Application Incubation Plan.
With the help of Microsoft,
we launched Qingdao Branch of Miracle Games in Qingdao National High-tech Zone.
On October 31, 2019, Microsoft Windows 10 installations exceeded 900 million
On March 17, 2020, Microsoft officially announced that the monthly active devices of Windows 10 reached 1 billion
On April 26, 2020, MG held an anniversary thanksgiving rewards activity for global Win10 users, and that's successfully attracted more than 100000 overseas users to join
August 6th_
MG Advertising SDK version 1.0 was launched,
Integrate FB advertisement, Google Adsense advertisement, etc,
Help Microsoft Store developers realize flow,
Start to commercialize successfully
August 21th_
We first announced in the media that MG's global Windows 10 users exceeded 74 million
MG SDK has been successfully and stably operated for more than 5 years,
Become the most widely used standardized developer technology solution in Microsoft App Store
We adopt the global brand strategy
Our LinkedIn will harvest overseas game enterprises in the first month of its opening
More than 700 CEOs
April 30th_
Microsoft Store game commission reduced from 30% to 12%
June 24th_
Official announcement of Microsoft Windows 11
New UI
Support Android APP
App Store0%commission、
The Next Generation of Windows is coming——
July 23th_
Microsoft's Miracle Games independent zone was opened,
We become the only one
game operators with independent zones in Microsoft Store
November 22th_
We were invited to participate in the launch of the Microsoft Azure Game Abroad Activities,
Introduce to developers how to simplify the release of games in Microsoft Store,
Improve productivity while promoting and realizing
December 31th_
We have successfully promoted many game developers to use Azure for the first time
Committed to promoting the expansion of Microsoft Azure in China's game market,
Help Chinese game developers go abroad
January 7th_
We have three products successfully selected in
Microsoft Store Top 50 PC Games in 2021
We believe that our story with Microsoft will continue