About US

Miracle Games business covers game agency, distribution business, and intermodal cooperation.

With a completely open and winning attitude, we share our well-trained product concepts with our partners, and implement the serialization and IPization of products together.

We are expecting work with all of partners with a confident, stable and long-time relationship

Help to fully support partners in three different aspects

The trinity of agency, distribution and intermodal transportation,
      marketing support models are also included

  • 01

    Covering the global market and distributing different channels

    Provide generous agency fees for excellent products

    Senior marketing team full service

  • 02

    Senior game operation team

    Global distribution capability

    Mature SDK account system and global payment function

  • 03
    Intermodal transportation

    Microsoft Store Intermodal Cooperation

    Share proportion of co profits

    Professional technical support and migration scheme

  • 04

    Sufficient marketing funds

    Coverage of global mainstream media 300+

    Microsoft Store global homepage recommendation and global top ranking

Operation Team

Intermodal Cooperation

UWP version migration


  • Pop up message push

    The window push function is a marketing method based on the Windows 10 system, which is displayed in "pop-up windows". The promotion function covers more than 2 million user groups around the world, and can quickly help the game to achieve the purpose of centrally acquire users.
  • Recommended by Microsoft App Store

    As one of the top ISV partners in the world of Microsoft, we are a game operator with an independent brand zone in the Microsoft Global Application Store. We welcome developers to enter the Microsoft application market ecosystem, join the MG brand zone, and continue to obtain promotion traffic resources.
  • Traffic buy

    We are not satisfied with the exclusive traffic of the Microsoft Store, because the entire PC end is our traffic purchasing target. Our purchasing mode has covered the global mainstream channels, so as to ensure that we can select more appropriate channel user attributes for different game products.
  • Microsoft Store ASO

    We have a mature ASO keyword optimization capability. We have a better understanding of the search habits of Microsoft App Store users, and help games get more accurate user traffic, so as to achieve a better ranking of Microsoft Store lists. At present, the games we jointly released can occupy 20 seats in the top 50 of the Microsoft Store game list.

Contact business

Gaming release:BD@mguwp.com

Media cooperation:Market@mguwp.com