MG AD aims to be a one-stop global advertising service platform  

Latest release: Annual White Paper of Windows 10 Global Game Industry

This white paper analyzes the current status of Windows 10 market from the perspective of Windows 10 trend, Windows 10 device data, and global user distribution. MG AD will provide a one-stop solution for developers.

Data Driven - Make your APP easier to be discovered

The MG AD platform is based on big data analytics and AI technologies to help developers explore the global market.

  •   Large-scale Real Users

    More than 1,100 developers have joined MG advertising platform. Real-time ADs are exposed to millions of users through our platform.

  •   User Activation

    Trough understanding user preferences and showing innovative advertising pop-ups.

  •   Brand Extension

    Comprehensive coverage of "PC + mobile + offline", helping more advertisers achieve full chain marketing targets.

MG AD focuses on making AD push smarter through big data and AI technologies. MG AD achieves full coverage of “PC + tablet + mobile” terminals in both the domestic and overseas markets with new advertising products and advanced technologies, and builds a three-terminal marketing closed loop, which satisfies the multi-marketing needs of advertisers. Help developers turn Ad traffic into cash.

One Click - Turn Ad Traffic into Cash

The MG advertising platform is based on AI algorithms, which can effectively improve AD profit efficiency and maximize the value of advertising traffic while taking user experience into account.

  • Profit  

    Continuously optimize AD pushing with the goal of maximizing revenue

  • Diversity  

    Cover main AD forms, original ADs of innovation

  • Resources  

    Including games and e-commerce, etc., which cover a wide range of quality advertisers.

  • Settlement  

    Strong financial support with smart data auditing system

MG AD is more than just an advertising company, we are also committed to creating a new advertising marketing ecosystem. With strong technical support and backup services, MG AD extends to the entire industry chain and achieves marketing value and efficiency through multi-dimensional evolution and synergy of “tools + platform + capital”.

MG is building up a one-stop Ads platform

  • MG SDK  

    Efficient, safe, open and user-friendly service is more than a tool for the industry. It will support more and more developers, and its influences will be comprehensive in 5 major areas: UWP, Flash, Web, H5 and MR. MG SDK will accelerate the development of multi-terminal, multi-system entertainment business cirlce.

  • MG Platform  

    MG platform makes Multi-Terminal-For-One-Account possible for users. It satisfies both the user's multi-terminal login needs and the desire of content providers to acquire cross-platform users. MG platform provides a overall help to a wide range of developers who are eager to implement cross-platform services.

  • 1 Billion Fund  

    MG integrates resources of the pan-Internet industry chain, raises 1 billion yuan of ecological funds, and relies on the industrial stream ecology of MG to realize a full-scale empowerment for developers. MG not only supports the pioneers in the internet field, but also hopes to build a Internet ecosphere that can benefit all.

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